Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nature In The City: Begonia Still Lives!

Just a quick note to say that one month after taking her home, Begonia is still alive and flowering. If you knew how many plants I've killed in the past, you'd be hooting too. I'm like a new mother, sticking my fingers in her soil every few days to ensure she's getting enough water, but not too much, moving her from one side of the windowsill to the other, so she can bask in the summer rays. I worry about her leaning tendencies, but she's still flowering, and she's my very own bit of green in this concrete jungle, and that makes me happy.

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pib50:2 said...

OH!!! I know that you are just thrilled that she's thriving! I have a simple ti leaf plant that I bought a few days ago... in hopes to try.... once again... at plant nurturing. Most of the leaves have fallen off... but some are still hanging in there. I do hope I have the luck you are having with begonia!

It has also been my first year in the garden since owning a home... I have learned a lot... some flowers I had in a hanging basket were almost dead until I moved them to the other side of the house... and now they are thriving! What a wonderful feeling,,. isn't it?