Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happenings: New York Photo Festival

I can't believe it's taken me this long to explore DUMBO. I always swore that I wouldn't become the kind of person who never left Manhattan, but today I realized I was this person. If not, I would have known how cool DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights, its neighbor, are--way before now. Even in shitty rainy weather (yes, the rain and cold returned), I could see that.

Had a pain au chocolat at Almondine. OMG. So flaky, light, chocolatey. Passed this hot little boutique called Zoe. I didn't get to go in b/c I was running late, but their cute bags were calling my name. I'll be back. Then walked the NY Photo Festival for four hours--mind you, my quads were like stones from my run yesterday.

The upshot is I really enjoyed myself and am glad I forced myself to go. Saw some amazing photos and rekindled my romance with photography. Discovered some photographers I just didn't want to forget, including:
Yes, I've been a prisoner of Manhattan, and this has got to end. Boy, did I walk a lot in my 3-inch heels, though. Maybe it was just where I was, but I had to walk 18 minutes from my subway stop this morning. If I'm going to spend more time in other boroughs I'm going to have to buy some more practical shoes.

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