Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great Find:Financier Patisserie

People always complain that the Financial District isn't homey, and well, it may not be as homey as some other parts of NYC. But if you're looking for a place to have coffee with a friend or are craving some french pastries, Financier Patisserie on Stone Street is a great spot for a number of reasons.

1> It's on Stone Street, a historic cobblestone street that still smacks of the days when George Washington was hanging out in the 'hood.
2> I love french macarons. They are one of my favorite things in life. Good ones, that is. Not those dry little round imposters some cafes pass off as the real thing. And Financier's got decent ones. Moist, good flavors. It's no Laduree or Pierre Herme, but when one can't get to Paris, one makes do. They've also got palmiers, madeleines, and an amazing looking apple galette.
3> They serve Illy coffee, which I have it on good authority is quality coffee, notches above Starbucks. In the morning, your coffee order comes with a yummy little financier.
4> Gelato!
5> It's not Starbucks!

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