Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Lovely Weekend in the City

Just a dispatch before winding down for the night. City Guy and I had a great weekend. Really great. No external commitments. No work. Just time spent together and perfect weather.

Yesterday, we ran errands. City Guy got a haircut at a salon in Tribeca that I think I might try. Since moving downtown a couple years ago, I've continued to trek up to the Upper East Side to get my hair cut. It's getting to be a drag, though I do love my stylist, and the salon is Tribeca is more expensive - probably $100 for a haircut, without tip. I guess it could be worse.

We also went to the new Bed Bath and Beyond in Tribeca and bought some new flatware. It's so shiny and beautiful. The spoons have an especially beautiful teardrop shape and a lilt to the handle. Small things can make me happy...sometimes. The BB&B was so empty, though. I guess not a lot of people know about the new store. I hope business picks up for them. The really exciting thing is that right in the same building, they're going to be opening a Whole Foods. You can already see the sign up. I can't wait until it opens! It started to pour when we were about to leave the store, so we took the escalators right back up and bought ourselves a very cool blue and brown two-person umbrella. You have to understand how cool a two-person umbrella is. Before, I'd always complain to City Guy that I was getting wet when we shared an umbrella, but now we're beautifully cozy and dry, walking together in the rain. Like I's the small things.

We also went to our favorite eyeglass boutique, Disrespectacles, to get our glasses and sunglasses adjusted. It's been on my to-do list for a while, so it felt good to check it off. Then, we went to our favorite neighborhood brunch joint and had pancakes. Yum.

This morning, I ran another race in Central Park. The Japan Day 4m race. The entrant field was only about 2500, so it was a really lovely small race. A bit hot for my taste, but I improved my pace! Yay! Progress is a good feeling. I'm working my way back to marathon shape. I do love running, and I guess the New York Road Runners is one thing I do love about New York.

We came home, showered and got some groceries at Gristedes, and I cooked brunch. Then we read the Sunday Times....print edition....I hadn't done that in a while. Usually read the paper online. It was kinda nice.

Got to go beddy-bye now. The city's beautiful right now....

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