Thursday, June 19, 2008

Great Find: Happy Family and Babycakes

Before I sign off, I have to share two things from last night.
  1. I went to a reading in Nolita at McNally Robinson (if you haven't been there and you love books, you're missing out) for my friend Wendy Lee's Happy Family a novel about a recent Chinese immigrant who becomes a nanny for a Chinese orphan adopted by a white Manhattan family. The reading was packed! It's a lovely, thoughtful book that's funny at times and also sad, so support your local fiction writer and buy it!
  2. Afterwards, Miss Fashion took me to a vegan bakery in the Lower East Side she's been raving about. As a recovering vegetarian (NYC made me a carnivore, but that's a story for another time), I've steered clear of vegan anything for a while. When she said Babycakes would kick Magnolia's ass, I was skeptical. But let it be said I had three cupcake tops and 1.5 chocolate brownies before calling it a night. All their baked goods are moist and delicious and will make you wonder what they put in it besides agave syrup (that's what they use instead of sugar) to make it taste soooo good. How can this be healthy?

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