Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happenings: New Amsterdam Market & Waterfalls

So, I should have been working today. I know it's Sunday, but I have some deadlines looming ahead of me. But I had to take some time out this morning to walk over to the old Fulton Fish Market and check out the rarely convened New Amsterdam Market. What is it? It's like a Greenmarket in that it draws local producers of food, dairy, meet and cheese, but the focus is less on produce than it is on foodstuffs and prepared foods from local chefs.

It's like a foodie bazaar. Interesting experience. Lots of yummy samples. Maybe it was the hot weather that made me eschew the bread, cheese and meat, but for some reason I didn't buy much, though I really wanted to--just some birch beer from Heartland Brewery and some lavender cookies and peanut butter cookies from Milk and Cookies Bakery. Here are some pictures.I love the idea of buying locally, but when cherries are $9 a pint, it's difficult to justify. Anyhow, they're trying to make it a permanent thing.

Also, from where we were, we had our first glimpse of Olafur Eliasson's Waterfalls. These hazy pictures don't do them justice.

I'm going to go back one night so I can see them in all their lit-up glory. I hear Circle Line Tours is giving an "official tour" of the waterfalls by boat. Wonder how much it costs.

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