Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Little Walk In The Rain

It's gloomy and wet today, payback for the glimpse of summer we had last week. I went to Minas Shoe Repair to pick up my shoes during my lunch hour. I really do love that place. Chatted Minas up today and discovered a few facts: he started his apprentice in shoe-repair when he was 12 in Greece. He's 67 now. The shoes were beautifully, perfectly done, of course.

I decided to swing by the Bowling Green Greenmarket on the way home, but got distracted by the news Ruben's Empanadas on Bridge St. Those plump little turnovers stuffed with meat were calling my name. I picked up an Argentinean Sausage empanada with a side of hot sauce and wolfed it down for lunch. Yum.

But I digress. I figured the Greenmarket, which is open on Tuesday and Thursdays right outside the Bowling Green 4/5 stop, would be anemic today b/c of the weather. Sure enough, there were only two vendors--both selling baked goods and potted plants.

Funny thing though. In recent weeks, I'd been talking about getting a plant for the house. We have no plant or animal life, other than ourselves, in this apartment. So, I ask the guy running the booth from the Orchards of Concklin for some recommendations on house plants. The guy was just so nice and helpful. I think he got a kick out of my confession that I've killed every plant I've ever owned (with one exception, which I beqeathed to my aunt when I left LA).

So, I brought a little red begonia home. Isn't she sweet? Also, brought home some banana muffins and honey harvested from bees on the Orchard. It felt good buying local. I know local's all the rage, but I confess, I'm so addicted to the Whole Foods experience. But that's b/c New York City is a tough city for grocery shoppers, and WF makes it easy for me. Still, when I lived in LA (you're going to hear this phrase a lot), I went to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market every Saturday. I loved it. Maybe I'll start getting out the Greenmarkets more regularly. I wonder...can a house plant make a difference in my life? Can a bottle of honey from a nearby farm?

Stay dry until next time...

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pink_n_girly said...

Oh yes! Local honey is the best thing for your body. Only local honey can fight off the allergy problems that your body is open to in your area. A teaspoon of local honey a day will keep you healthy and your body defenses up! :)