Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nature in the City: Signs of Spring

It's perfect in New York right now. In a few weeks, it'll be hot and muggy, and we'll deal with that then, but right now, at 70-80 degrees, I'm right in my element (I'm from sunnier lands) and in the mood to stop and smell the roses...tulips in this case.

I love that the City has put massive red pots planted full of tulips right outside the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Yes, those vehicles whizzing past the red steel railing have just survived the underwater trek from Brooklyn. Apparently this is part of a NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation effort called PlaNYC, which "includes a number of groundbreaking greening initiatives, including planting street trees in all possible locations, creating 800 new greenstreets."

P.S. I was wondering why the city chose such gargantuan planters (might not come through in the picture, but they really are massive) for this little area outside the Rector Street stop, and City Guy says he's noticed that for years, the city tried to beautify the place with sculptures or other kinds of wimpy vegetation, but these decorative items would get blown away by the massive winds this area seems to funnel. Can you imagine? You're a tourist just minding your biz and get hit by an airblown pot of tulips. So, I guess someone figured massive concrete planters were the way to go.

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