Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On My Mind: My Holiday Cold & Where I'd Be If I Weren't Sick

Day six of my cold, seven if you count Thanksgiving Eve, which is when the fire in my sore throat broke out. I was hopeful this time that I could nip it in the bud, though 90% of the time a sore throat means a full battalion of cold symptoms will be marching through like clockwork. Gargled with warm water and salt and napped all Thanksgiving Day but to no avail.

Some people never seem to get sick. Some people are highly functioning cold victims--you'd never know even they were sick, and after a few days, they're back on the Stairmaster.

Me? I catch a cold 3-4 times a year (the average for adults, I'm told), at least one of those during the Holidays. Each cold lasts at least 7-10 days and always starts with a sore throat so painful I can't do anything else but think about the pain. Then there's sinus congestion, phlegmy lungs, a wet productive cough that keeps City Guy up all night (poor thing), chafed red nose and cracked lips, the loss of hearing, taste and smell, the mental and physical fatigue, culminating in a few days of neon green or yellow..never mind. Recovery is always slow and imperceptible, but after the 7-10 days, I'm usually better.

So, at this rate, I should be up and about town by the weekend. But unfortunately, I'll have missed a few key NYC holiday events, which I had planned on attending to get me into the holiday spirit. Maybe you can go instead?

Holiday Happenings I would be enjoying this week if I weren't sick:
  • Kissing City Guy under the mistletoe in Madison Square Park at the "Unbreakable Kiss" installation sponsored by A Diamond is Forever. The kiss would be recorded by 60 cameras, creating a video image of the moment frozen in time. Proceeds go to charity (through Dec 4, from 2-8 pm)
  • Attend "Holiday in Bryant Park" tree lighting celebration tonight -- an ice rink, a gorgeous tree, entertainment and Holiday craft fair -- what's not to love? I guess I'll have to watch it on TV...
  • Brave the crowds and go to the Rockerfeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony tomorrow - I know it's crazy, but this tree is legendary--it was first put up during the Depression to give us all hope--apropos, don't ya think?--and I LOVE it (see my snapshot above). Just once, I'd like to see those holidays lights switched on with my own eyes...

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