Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great Find: Good Dumpling House

Poetess was in town on Friday :) so we met up for lunch in Chinatown. Poetess and her husband are Chinatown foodies, so she is my ultimate source for eating in Chinatown. This time, she took me to Good Dumpling House on Grand between Mott and Elizabeth St. Though they have 246 items on their menu, they're of course known for their dumplings (duh!).
Unlike the doughier thick skinned dumplings you usually get in Chinese restaurants (Poetess says Dumpling House on Eldridge btw Broome and Grand is the best of that breed), the dumplings here have this wonderful thin skin, so you don't get full so fast and the filling isn't overwhelmed by the starch. They're made fresh on the premises, where you can see the woman pan frying them in the wok as you wait. They are so delicious. We had the pork and cabbage, which was flavorful and moist, but there are many other varieties, including pork and chives, chicken & mushroom, duck and shrimp. Drip a little vinegar on there and you're good to go. Oh! Another plus--especially in this economy--is the price: four dumplings for a $1! Micky D's got nothing on Good Dumpling House.

Just so you know, there is limited seating. I get the feeling most of their business is to-go. There are two windows to order from--one, streetside, and the other just inside the restaurant (shown below). But if you order to-go and can't wait to scarf your dumplings, you have to try for one of the few tables in the front (the back is limited to table service) to open up. The day we went, this dude was selling CD's of Chinese pop songs (I think) off a table to the side. That was pretty entertaining and random...

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