Sunday, October 5, 2008

This NY Moment: Korean Day, My Way

Yesterday, I had plans to meet up with my friend, Funny Dude and some his friends in K-town for an authentic Korean dinner at Kunjip (my favorite all-around Korean restaurant on 32nd St) before we went to Radio City Music Hall to see Margaret Cho in concert. But when we got to the restaurant, there was line snaking out the door with gobs of people on the streets.

Funny Dude informed me that he'd seen a float in Chelsea earlier in the day--there had been a Korean Day parade apparently, which we missed. Anyhow, 32nd Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue was closed off for a street fair that was held in conjunction with the parade (I assume), complete with concert stage where contestants of a karaoke contest (mostly women as I could see) were singing their hearts out. Boy do Koreans love to sing.

The wait at Kunjip was beyond our collective levels of patience, so we went a few doors down to look for a less crowded restaurant, and guess what? We stumbled upon a BCD Tofu House, which just opened this week! BCD Tofu House was one of my favorite places to eat in K-town in LA. They are part of a Korean chain that is well known for their "soon dubu" -- a traditional soft tofu stew. I was sooo happy! We had a great meal--most of us ordered the spicy tofu stews--but they also have bbq and bibimbap and other Korean staples.
We headed uptown for Margaret Cho's show after dinner. More people clogging the sidewalks; this time, no karaoke contest, but Margaret did close her show by serenading the audience with a dirty song. She's got some lungs on her. Again, Koreans love to sing.

She looked great, by the way--super skinny--and pretty and had me in tears with laughter throughout the 90 minute set. I had had the kimchee tofu stew at BCD, so I'm sure I smelled great during Margaret's show at Radio City Hall....

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