Monday, October 20, 2008

On My Mind: The Changing Of The Seasons

For most of my life, I've enjoyed just two seasons--hot and dry and cooler and wet. Now that I live in NYC, I enjoy all four (some more than others). Now that fall is upon us, I'm contemplative. The year's winding down. Only two months to go, but those two months are speedy.

Halloween is upon us (see Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven display above), signaling the beginning of the commercial holiday parade. Rockerfeller Center rink is already open. Soon, the city will be decked out for Christmas (I love the city in December--see above). The foliage is changing, and my life is too:
  1. My closet has changed over. Summer clothes are in storage. Wool is now king.
  2. Like the colors of my clothing, I feel grayer, darker and more insulated. I pat around the house in my sweats and yoga pants. Socks are back.
  3. We eat more soups and oatmeal and stews. More beets and root vegetables, fewer good tomatoes or fruits.
  4. The bed has a new look. On Sunday, we pulled out the down comforter and duvet.
  5. Plants and flowers go into hibernation.We all know what's happened to Begonia.
  6. My skin gets dryer. I've stocked up on moisturizer, face cream and night cream.
  7. My hair looks better. Cold weather supposedly seals the hair cuticle. Keeps it tame.
  8. Travel becomes more of an ordeal, so we tend to stay closer to home.
  9. I get more productive. As they say, "summertime and the livin's easy..." Wintertime, and I spend less time enjoying the weather, more time making up for lost time.
  10. I spend less time outdoors. It was nice for most of last week, but since the weekend, it's been cold! I think the real feel temperature on Sunday night was in the 30's.
The days are getting shorter and colder, and that usually means feeling less perky as the winter wears on. But guess what? I just bought a light box! Maybe I'll be able to trick my mind and body into thinking it's summer all year round. Will keep you posted on whether it works.

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