Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happenings: The Musuem of Arts and Design Opens to the Public

The redesigned Museum of Arts and Design has finally opened on Columbus Circle. Admission was free yesterday and today from 10 to 6. As City Guy and I were in the neighborhood around 5 pm yesterday evening, we thought we'd try and stop in, but approaching the museum from the north, we could see there was a line snaked around the side of the building.When we asked the museum staff about the line, they told us the line was officially capped off and that we should come back at 10 am the next morning. No entry!What a scene! Here were some balloon insects entertaining the people in line and passersby. Kinda creepy but cool. The building is quite striking, with a concave front and these mother-of-pearl looking tiles on the facade. Yesterday, the building reflected the color of the overcast sky and its neighboring buildings. On the ground floor is the museum store, whose inventory anyone can see through the floor to ceiling glass windows. Lots of gorgeous home ware, like vases and tea sets and serving bowls, from what I could see. I'll have to keep this place in mind for buying gifts. Who knew how popular this opening would be? I had thought the buzz about the museum opening had been low, but I always forget how many culture fans are in this city, no matter how niche the event--not that a new museum opening is a niche event. I should have learned my lesson when I went to the MOMA the week it reopened a few years ago. It was not what a museum experience should be - people everywhere posing for pictures in front of paintings you're trying to appreciate. I think I'll pay the admissions fee and wait until the craziness dies down.

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