Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On My Mind: Fall's Schizo Weather

This Saturday, the 21st, was the official beginning of Fall. Like clockwork, the temperatures dropped into the 50's at night, girls have stopped wearing their summer dresses and open-toe shoes, it's getting dark at 5, and for the first time last week, I dug into my winter storage for sweaters and scarves.

Friday was freezing. Saturday was warm during the day but cold at night. Sunday was perfectly summery...people sitting out on sidewalks eating, playing chess...Yesterday was not that cold either. But these flip-flopping temperatures are enough to make me paranoid about catching a cold.

According to Accuweather's historical weather feature, the low temperatures have been in the 50's since Sept 17th (except for balmy Sunday night) but on Friday night, it was 52 degrees and on Saturday night, 51 degrees. And yes, I did feel the chill walking home from dinner!

It's not yet time to do the official closet switch over, as we do still have these 70-degree days in the forecast, but it's coming...maybe next weekend. I'll have to launder my pretty summer things one last time, take my dresses to the dry cleaner and do any mending before folding them away until next April or May. That's a New York thing too--limited closet space means only one season's wardrobe can be comfortably accommodated at one time--and I have a walk-in closet!

I will miss you, my summer wardrobe! If I still lived in LA, we wouldn't have to part. But we must make sacrifices to live in this city. At least, there are pretty winter coats and gloves to console me in your absence. Adieu!

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