Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NYC Birthday: This Was Dessert

After my kalbi lunch, I decided to treat myself to a birthday dessert and sought out the Crumbs Cupcake Shop I knew had opened recently in the Financial District (I always get excited when new food destinations open in the FiDi). I have to confess that I was late to the party on the Crumbs Cupcake thing. I know it's been a "thing" in NYC for years now, but this was my first time. And boy was it hard to find!

On Google Maps, the address was listed as 67 Wall, but the shop entrance is actually on a less trafficked part of Beaver St, right around the corner, so I kept missing it. I had to ask a couple people before finding it. See how small the storefront is? Easy to miss. Inside, my mind spun with the vast selection of sugary sweets. I was a good girl and bought a single Oreo cupcake, though in retrospect the Hostess (which looks like a giant Hostess cupcake) or the chocolatey Blackout might have been better picks. I took my giant cupcake home and stuck a candle in it and made a birthday wish. Then I ate the whole thing. I'm an Oreo lover, so I was expecting an Oreo taste explosion, but not so much. The Oreo cupcake is just a chocolate cupcake with Oreo frosting and two Oreo stuck in the top, as pictured above. It wasn't as good as I had hoped, and I probably won't have it again. Also, the cupcake was so big! I'm not sure how I feel about that much cupcake in one sitting.

But I feel trying a new dessert place in NYC is never a lost cause, no matter how underwhelming the product. Maybe I didn't pick the right flavor. In any case, it was nice to have a moment to myself to wish myself a happy year ahead. Thanks again to all of you who left birthday wishes for me! They really made me feel less alone and happy on my birthday.

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