Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Word On The Street: The Pain of Moving to NYC

I love this article in the Times this morning: "Newcomers Adjust, Eventually, to New York". Sounds awfully familiar. I wonder why? Oh yeah - this entire blog is devoted to the topic! According to the article, some people come and like it; some people get beat by the city and leave. Sounds about right.

Complaints as registered by Times reporter: subway navigation, alienation & loneliness, lack of neighborliness, high cost of living, abrasiveness of co-workers, and the insidious way the City turns you into a pushy, short-tempered New Yorker over time....let's see...double YUH-HUH!

Glad to know I'm not all alone and crazy in thinking this city's full of challenges. Makes you wonder why there aren't more support networks for us so-called "adjusting newcomers"? If only there were a blog where other newcomers could come and post comments on the challenges they face, learn things about how to live more comfortably in the city, commiserate with blogger and friends? If only....:)

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