Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cool Spaces: Trinity Church

Funny how you live in the City for years and every day, pass the same buildings, some of them famous enough to be visited by thousands of tourists a year, and one day, you decide, hey, I feel like going in, and you do, and you find that a sanctuary from the world has always been just right there, a few blocks from your this case, one replete with grand Gothic arches and scintillating stained glass windows and brass sculpted doors so beautiful you find yourself standing in the doorway as tourists edge past you. And you wander through and find a little gallery no bigger than your apartment where there's an exhibit about your neighbors, and you see photos and read quotes from people you pass every day, and you suddenly feel a bit more at home. And at the end of it all, you step outside and find a lovingly maintained cemetery with gravestones from the 1700's, half of them so worn by the elements that you can't read who was laid to rest there, but you think, that's okay, because by now, they're part of the daisies growing there before you, and you realize you are not alone. You were never alone.

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