Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cool Spaces: BAM Rose Cinemas

Last night, City Guy and I saw another film at the New York Korean Film Festival, which ends tonight. The movie, Le Grand Chef, a comedy about an Iron Chef style Korean cooking competition between two long-standing culinary rivals, was so worth the trip to Brooklyn--I laughed, I cried, I got a history lesson. I felt thoroughly satisfied walking out of the theater. Great film. Also, this time, the show was sold out! We had to sit in the second row, in the last two seats to the left because we didn't get there early enough. I guess the really good films in the festival have the word-of-mouth to pack a theater. I've learned that Le Grand Chef was one of top grossing films in Korean in 2007.

This was also my first time at BAM Rose Cinemas, and from the moment we turned the corner onto Lafayette Street (after getting off at Pacific, where there's a Target and a Chuck-E-Cheese), the architecture of the building just made me feel at home. It felt quintessentially Brooklyn somehow--a humble building, incorporating the best of the past and present, both historical (the original building was build in1903) and modern:And walking into the lobby and then up through the main doors into the theater area, you really felt like you were stepping back in time. Check out the stunning arches and the light fixtures: I felt a little giddy. Like movie going was an event, something you dressed up for and looked forward to. I never feel this way anymore going to the local AMC. It was classy and stuff...I'm glad I went.

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