Monday, June 22, 2009

NYC Rant: Crappy Spring & Summer Weather

You knew this was coming. Sooner or later, I was going to jump up on my soap box and complain about the weather we've been having. I think I've been more than patient with the forces that be. Every winter, when I'm wearing three layers of clothing and it's gray outside, and I only get seven hours of sunlight and I'm nearly freezing to death, I remind myself that spring is on its way. Soon, you'll be strolling around the city under your parasol, dressed in your cute summer dresses and your sandals, I tell myself. You'll be eating on that great open patio at Gigino's on the Hudson. It'll be 8 pm and still be warm out! You'll be picnicking!!

But really, I feel like a parent who's promised ice cream to her kid and then found the ice cream store is out of business. Aside from a few warm days (which weren't necessarily sunny), it's been cold, wet and overcast all spring long. The meteorologists forecast a day in the upper 70's but it always feels like mid to upper 60's to me. Or, if it is warm, it's disgustingly muggy and rainy.

In my nearly six years of living in the city, I have never experienced a spring like the one that just ended, and I'm not optimistic about summer, which officially began yesterday. I'm not the only one complaining--I have heard some truly loyal, entrenched New Yorkers, people who've been living here for decades, complain about the weather too. Even the ducks in Battery Park are regretting their decision to fly back for the summer. (these two were sitting in the public infinity fountain in front of Ciao Bella a week ago).

The entire city seems to be waiting with baited breath for the sun to come out. In the meantime, we shuffle around optimistically in our shorts and flip-flops despite the pools of rainwater and the fall-like temperatures, looking crankier and more dejected than ever. We spend our weekends letting our plans for picnics and trips to the Bronx Zoo lapse in favor of a good nap.

I'm reminded of the scenes in The Day After Tomorrow where Manhattan is iced-over, and there are news reports that people are fleeing to Africa where the weather's fine. Whatever the reason, I'm hoping the sun returns, because acceptance of life in NYC is being severely tested by these marathon days of gloom.


Suzee said...

I am so with you. The humidity has been incredible - though it makes me welcome the cool air. I'm looking forward to warm air with low humidity. Soon.

provided by, Jennifer S.Fortune said...

I'd switch with you any day of the week... the Dog Day's of Summer have hit the South and it "ain't" perty!

Denise said...

Believe it or not, Southern California isn't much better. Usually, this time of year means overcast in the morning, and sun in the afternoon. However, lately, we've had a heavy, low-hanging, "gray".

The Girl Next Door said...

It's nice to hear I'm not the only one who's sick of this weather. Denise - I had been dreaming of LA again, so thanks for telling me it's not all fun in the sun back west. :)

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