Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happenings: VitalJuice Pop-up Wellness Retreat

I love that in NYC you can just be walking down the street and stumble upon some great show. event, restaurant, sample sale, or in today's case, free health fair. This one is being held in the now defunct (so sad) Virgin Megastore in Union Square, so you wouldn't know it was there if some flyer girl didn't tell you about it as you were about to cross the street and head into Whole Foods.

"The VitalJuice Wellness Retreat is going on today," she says.

"Is that some kind of drink?" I ask. No, it turned out. VitalJuice is a website where you can sign up for Daily Candy-esque daily email blasts about health and wellness. I was skeptical, but I had some time, so I stepped inside. I'm glad I did.

Going from booth to booth, I racked up the following goodies:
  • A bottle of Strawberry Kiwi HINT water -- 0 calories!
  • 2 Soyjoy bars - one mango coconut and one berry flavored
  • 1 Attune bar - a new probiotic health bar
  • $5 coupon to Whole foods (plus three-bean quinoa salad samples)
  • A bag of make-your-own-trailmix from Keri Glassman, maker of Keribar, a new nutrition bar--only 140 calories!
  • food samples from nu-kitchen, a personal meal delivery program (tasty bars!)
  • sample of GNC's wellbeing line -- I chose the "be-Energized" formula - just add to water and drink before working out and burn 3x more calories (really???)
  • skin mapping consultation and eyebrown shaping and Dermalogica product samples from Oasis Day Spa (one of my favorite in the city!); Danna, the aesthetition and Evelyn, the eyebrow expert, were great; they were also offering free massages
  • online skincare product consultation from mySkin
  • sample of World of Grains crackers (pretty good) and coupon
  • ...assorted other coupons
Oh, and Crunch gym was offering free classes. The event ends tomorrow, so there's still time for you to check it out. The only requirement for getting in is signing up for the VitalJuice email.

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provided by, Jennifer S.Fortune said...

Fun!!!! What a great treat! Not to mention all the goodies you got!