Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Find: Fishtail

I used to be a fan of Restaurant Week until I realized many participating restaurants (and often the ones with the most coveted reservations) don't do their best work during Restaurant Week. But, on Friday, Miss Fashion and I tried David Burke's new sustainable seafood restaurant Fishtail, and I had a really satisfying meal. To start, I had the lobster dumplings, which were wading in a red curry sauce. For my main course, I had their take on "Mac and Cheese," which features grilled calamari on pasta with parmesan, and for dessert, I had David Burke's signature cheesecake lollipops (cheesecake dipped in white or milk chocolate) served with a side of bubblegum whipped cream. The bubblegum whipped cream wasn't my thing, but the lollipops were great. With its whimsical depictions of fish on the walls, the upstairs dining room is bright, warm and inviting--like eating a casual meal in a friend's townhouse uptown. I look forward to going again and trying the many other tempting menu options.BTW, this photo shows the lull before the rush - the dining room was packed by 12:30 or so. We had a noon reservation.

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