Monday, January 12, 2009

This NY Moment: "Panda-handling" In The Cold

Are we getting more days with temperatures below 20-degrees this winter or am I imagining it? Now that the holiday season is over, this snow and cold is not charming any more. It's just uncomfortable, and I really do dread going outside.

Nevertheless, I braved the cold yesterday for an open house up the street, and wouldn't you know it - the broker didn't show! This is not the first time a broker hasn't shown up to his own open house on a cold winter day. Why announce an open house on Street Easy if you're not going to show!

I was angry to say the least--I'll save my rant for a separate post--but if I hadn't been out, I wouldn't have encountered the panda standing on the street corner across the street from the Rector St stop of the R/W. A couple of girls -- don't know if they were just adoring tourists or his handlers--were taking pictures of him, but no one else was around. I would think I had imagined him, had I not had photographic proof. It's lovely random moments like this one that save me from gritting my teeth.

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Katie Killary said...

I love your stuff! I came across it from Kristen's blog :o)