Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cruising on the Hudson River

This past weekend, City Guy and I enjoyed a dinner cruise along the Hudson River. World Yacht, the cruise operator, states on its site that their boats are large enough and the river calm enough that one is unlikely to feel the waves. Boy, were they wrong. Maybe it was just that particular night, but you could see the boat pitching violently just standing on the dock. Once on board, while waiting to leave shore, I had to hold on to the posts to keep my balance. Mind you, I get seasick just watching the waves, so it took two Dramamine to keep me from running to my porcelain friend.

But it was worth it...especially after the sun went down. The sunset on the Hudson is spectacular, getting to see the Waterfalls up-close really makes you appreciate their magnitude and engineering. BTW, the food was horrible (honestly--I set my standards low, and they still managed not to meet them), but you really go for the view. Check out these photos:

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pib50:2 said...

Ohhhh what beautiful photos! We'll have to do it when i come to visit!!!